Sunday, 10 September 2017


Hello friends, 
Once again many thanks for your comments and your caring kind words about my pain , well it did go but if I over do it it comes right back , so now I am being very careful , today is pain free .
Well whats up with the weather ! many parts of the world are having many problems and I am praying for you all. 
Here you can tell Autumn is here it's wet windy and cooler and I can see a few trees turning colour already .
I am really not ready for winter yet so hope we still get a few nice days this Autumn.
This year as past by quicker than ever.
Well what have I been up to this week , not allot really.
I did buy three new plants for the garden , had coffee in town with a friend , out to lunch with hubby , made a felt pin cushion at club and split my sides with laughing with my friends trying to make these oh what fun we had , they came out all different sizes.
I did a little more stitching on my WIPs but spent more time frogging ha talking about frogs I was digging an hole for my plants and a naughty frog jumped in it and would not go , so I know he does not like me to take photos, ( he's shy ) by the time I got my camera yes he had gone.
Well lets show some pictures first up one new WIP .

This one has been in my pile for a very long time at last it's seen daylight.  So I have made a start.

                   LOVE and JOY by Lorri Birmingham 
using 28ct Natural fabric banding. 

                           The next one you have seen before many moons ago , so this one also sees the light and just a few more stitches it will be finished .
Love LHN , they are always lovely to stitch .

  Stitched on a cream 28ct, looks white but it is cream.

I really wanted to finish the one below but didn't have time this week , maybe next time.
this is one of the lovely Dany's charts I changed the wording to Summer. I have a few ideas for the finish .

My pin cushion that we were all in fits of laughter about.

 A few flowers still hanging on but almost time to say goodbye.

Well that's it from me .
Have a good new week .
And for all my overseas friends stay safe .
Be back soon.

Saturday, 2 September 2017


Hello to all my friends ,
Thank you for everyone who wished me well.
It's been a hard week for me with the pain I have been in this week. Sitting down was the worst so I have spent most of this week standing up or lying flat. But the last few days I am slowly getting there , but not fully healed yet 
I have done a little stitching and some before I was in pain .
So will show you in a moment .
Well didn't the summer go fast this year everyone is saying how fast it went , can't believe we have moved into Autumn , but you can tell there is a change in the air.
We had a couple of nice days this week and I saw some lovely butterflies in the garden. 
So here we go first a little gift I sent to our friend Andrea every year she stitches and sends friends little gifts she has such a big heart  , and it was on my to do list I must send her a little gift sometime this year .
So here is what I stitched for her .
 I know it was by Lizzy Kate but I packed the chart away and can't find it , that's me all over just too many charts and if I don't keep them together they get lost in chart land ha.

I stitched it some weeks ago but didn't know how I would like to finish it. But then I found some new calendars and thought yes this would be handy so here we are.
It was very enjoyable stitch .
So now my WIPs I am so into these now every Saturday I get a couple out from the box and this is what I stitch on this week.

                         This is the other part of the stitching set .

 Here we are if you forgot.

Last time 

 This time.

Still lots to do on this one.
Last Sunday we went to the Classic motor show but after 4 hours I was in real pain and had to come home it was boiling hot.

Well sorry I am not walking in the garden with you today but I did take a few photos early this morning.

And still the roses bloom .

The garden is still in flower .
But you can see flowers are now burning out.
Well my sweet friends have a wonderful week .
Thank you all .

Saturday, 26 August 2017


Hello everyone from a hurt little butterfly, yes I have had some bad pain this week I pulled my hamstring very painful, but today seems a little better, I don't do pain very well ha and have been very lucky in the past.
I am being very careful today not to over do it .

What a beautiful couple of days we are having back to summer for a short while , the last few weeks have not been very nice.

I was hoping to show you a finish today but no with the pain I have been in there was no way I could sit and finish things never mind when I am better I will .
The garden is closing down too now for the autumn but I did take a few photos if you want to walk out with me after.

But first my stitching I am working on a box of smalls and two WIPs rotating every week and I am enjoying it so much . I hope tonight I can stitch again last night I was in too much pain.
So here we go,  the first is a new one added to the mix of WIPs 
                   Sweet Judy was getting so fed up not being pulled from the box , so yes she is happy now to  join  my WIPS .

               Lots of beading on this one but it's a nice change.

And my next one.

 Summer Nesting box 

Ok not that much stitching again but it's not for wanting to stitch more, hoping this coming week will be better.
Ok lets go outside but wait! 
Look can you see my cheeky sparrows sometimes there are twenty taking a bath so funny .
You have to look really hard to see them in my bird bath.

 Makeing the most of the last flowers of summer.

                       Allot of the roses are flowering again , when they finish cut the dead flower back to the 2nd leaf .

This summer is almost over , I feel it went by way to fast.

Below  this was one of those cutting I told you about already flowering .

Thank you again my friends for you kind comments .
Our days are getting shorter , so not many more garden photos .
We may get a few more but looks like the last few weeks .
Have a wonderful weekend .

Sunday, 20 August 2017


How are all my friends today , hope you are all enjoying lots of time stitching and enjoying yourselves .
For me it's been one of those weeks a busy one .
First up my PC is getting a little slow these days so we are having a faster line put in should be better this week.
At the  same time we thought about cutting the cost of our TV package  .
Hubby came back to me after phoning  and instead of cutting down it's gone up ! but with allot more added .
So I have had a week of engineers here first I needed my PC fixed   and we were talking about how long they last and we should really update about every 5 years I laughed and said well mine is about 7 years old now , that's why its getting slower.
So looks like I will be buying a new one before Christmas the same with my TV the new ones have been updated with loads of new things . So it looks like this year will be a expensive one .
On top of this we are looking at changing our car  sometime soon . Then yesterday the new washing machine stopped spinning oh no! but its ok now thank goodness .
So yes it's been an interesting week, now we have updated our package we have to learn all the things on there like getting the TV on for a start it's all so different , but great when you are up and running we watched a great show last night with Josh Groban, 
and I can just talk to my hand control and it will go to my program, so you can see not allot of stitching this week.
But a little on my WIPs .
I was a lucky winner of our dear friend Vickie's giveaway pretty chart , which will be added to my on going WIPs rotation in the next few weeks .
So back to my stitching .
Here is a peep at one I have finished and will put together soon and show you.

Just a peep this time .

 Last time

                               This time.

                                 Not much change .
                                          Next one 
                                             Before .

 Now .

Just a few stitches more .
Hoping I find more time this week I am just going to get my next box down exciting because I have forgotten what is in the next box I think I have about 6/7 boxes now and still adding a few more to 
them when I have kitted  some more up.
Well it is dull and raining today so we can't go outside but will leave you with these photos I took last week it's been very windy here .

 Well it's almost time to start the lunch , then I can stitch for a little now my ironing is done and this afternoon I want to watch my football team, they lost last week hope they will be better this week fingers crossed .
Thank you everyone who left me a comment always wonderful to hear from so many of you.
Have a good week enjoy , lets hope we get a bit more sunshine before Autumn comes in .

Sunday, 13 August 2017


Hello friends ,
Well it's been a nice weekend , better weather and the sun has just come out. 
I have been a bit lazy today, but I did work hard yesterday in the garden cutting lots of things back , and the sweet peas are now gone just had the last few . DH arms and hands are cut with the thorns from the roses , I had a few too we gave some of them a good cutting back there was allot of dead wood .
This morning we had so many birds in the garden a family of long tail tits , blue tits,  baby robins, baby blackbirds and just the cutest sparrows they are so funny and always make me laugh all trying to have a bath this morning about 20 of them all in the birdbath  together what fun they were having.

My DH has gone off to the car show to judge , I just wanted to stay put , I have so many little jobs to catch up on , but not many done yet ha.

I have been stitching this week but can't show you just yet only my WIPS. 
So first the last of my sweet peas then back to my stitching.

The very last ones of Summer I will miss them and the smell was so beautiful.
My WIPs 
This is how I left Vera Mouse .

 And now.

OK don't laugh it takes allot of time when you have to thread change every few stitches , but yes there is growth.

OK next one my little Sarah Kay 
Friends in the Sunshine.

And after.

I must say this playing around with different WIPs is wonderful.
Can't wait to get this weeks two out now .
 There is no way for you to get bored with your stitching doing this rotating , soon I will add a few more to the mix.
I am also stitching smalls and Christmas gifts .
We better go for our walk now .

                               Poppy in dusky pink how beautiful.

        Naughty month eating my leaves, but he is beautiful.

                              Still have some sweet smelling roses.

  Hollyhocks such a sweet lemon .

Well better stop or this will be one big post .
I am going to go and get a few biscuit crumbs for the little Robin and try and make friends with him.
I also need to do a couple of small jobs and a little ironing then I can stitch and watch the football .
Thank you again for your sweet comments .
Wishing you all a happy week.